RUNNERS ALLY How can you love running when running hates you? TAKE A LOOK RUNNERS ALLY How can you love running when running hates you? TAKE A LOOK

About Us

We are a group of clinicians that believe all athletes should be able to move in specific ways. These patterns were achieved as we transitioned from babies to toddlers to young children to teens. These patterns are often lost due to injury or lifestyle.
We know you are here because you love running but Running* hates you. Think of it like an evil entity in the world trying to prevent all people from enjoying it. Since running is a repetitive sport, doing the same move, over thousands of repetitions imbalances and weaknesses will be found. Compensations will be made. New patterns of movement will be generated. Then Running will win. It will take advantage of these new patterns and create pain or an injury. Then Running wins.
We will offer corrections to common problems that we have seen over a combined 50+ years of direct service to runners at all levels. Over this time we have seen common problems being common. We have formally researched movement patterns and published about how poor movement leads to poor performance. With some education you can take some of this knowledge and apply it to the way you feel and overcome Running and enjoy it. Reduced risk of injury and improved performance may come as well, but your enjoyment of the sport is our focus.

We are a team of clinicians that be have been caring for runners at all levels for a combined 50 + years.


Darell Barnes

Darrell has cared for athletes in 4 decades after completing his training, including a master’s degree in athletic training at Indiana University in 1994.  He has dedicated his career to the details of caring for athletes of all levels.  He is often sought out by professional teams to care for their injured athletes.  His care of running athletes started in the late 90s serving as personal medical for Bob Kennedy, covering events domestically including multiple Olympic trials, Indoor and Outdoor Championships as well as international events.  He has been named to teams including the 2017 World Championships and Sprint Relay teams. This has continued to the present where he has been selected to the team caring for athletes at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.  An active runner who has completed multiple marathons and countless shorter events he has raised two young adult daughters with his wife.

Jacob Crow

Jacob is a former college runner who has served collegiate and elite track and field athletes for his entire career.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training at Franklin College, he went on to gain his master’s degree in Exercise Physiology at Kent State University.  He then served as assistant athletic trainer at Indiana University working with the cross country and track & field teams.  He has traveled extensively for USA Track and Field covering events both domestically and internationally including numerous Diamond League events, and international cross country and track and field events.  He was named to the USA national team to serve as a clinician at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, Qatar.  Still personally active in running, raising a young son with his wife he is dedicated to helping runners be better.

Todd Arnold

Todd has cared for athletes for more than 20 years after graduating from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and completing his sports medicine fellowship at Indiana University.  He has devoted his approach to caring for athletes of all levels to include consideration of their movement patterns and how this impacts performance and injury.  He has served a physician and sports performance scientist for USA Track and Field also caring for athletes at domestic and international competition.    He served as the head team physician for USATF at the 2017 World Championships and World Relays.  He became a runner when his surgeon told him he couldn’t be one after an accident resulting in a pelvis fracture.  He has two adult children pursuing their own medical careers.



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