RUNNERS ALLY Because you love running but Running hates you TAKE A LOOK RUNNERS ALLY Because you love running but Running hates you TAKE A LOOK

About Us

We are a group of clinicians that believe all athletes should be able to move in specific ways. These patterns were achieved as we transitioned from babies to toddlers to young children to teens. These patterns are often lost due to injury or lifestyle.
We know you are here because you love running but Running* hates you. Think of it like an evil entity in the world trying to prevent all people from enjoying it. Since running is a repetitive sport, doing the same move, over thousands of repetitions imbalances and weaknesses will be found. Compensations will be made. New patterns of movement will be generated. Then Running will win. It will take advantage of these new patterns and create pain or an injury. Then Running wins.
We will offer corrections to common problems that we have seen over a combined 100 years of direct service to runners at all levels. Over this time we have seen common problems being common. We have formally researched movement patterns and published about how poor movement leads to poor performance. With some education you can take some of this knowledge and apply it to the way you feel and overcome Running and enjoy it. Reduced risk of injury and improved performance may come as well, but your enjoyment of the sport is our focus.

We are a team of clinicians that be have been caring for runners at all levels for a combined 50 + years.




Darell Barnes

Darrell is a dedicated athletic trainer that has been caring for elite level runners for slightly greater than two decades. He has traveled as personal medical, served on many national team events. His strength is in the details where he can identify the smallest little thing that is the limitation to resolution and won’t give up until he has found it.

Scott Hudson

Scott has been there and understands what it takes. Having completed multiple ultramarathons as an athlete and crewing for others he has tapped into the runners soul and brings this to his craft. An athletic trainer that has cared for elite runners around the globe serving on national teams, coverage domestically and abroad he has the skills to get you running.

Jacob Crow

A former collegiate athletic trainer and now clinician to some of the most highly ranked runners in the country Jacob brings a level of experience that few of us achieve in a lifetime. He has already served on national teams and cared for elites domestically and abroad bringing these experiences to the table to keep you upright and running your best.

Todd Arnold

A self proclaimed movement geek, Todd has integrated human movement and how it applies to running to his medical practice. Serving as head team physician on national teams and clinician on numerous other trips combined with his work as a sports performance scientist has created a doctor that can help you run your best.



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